Foster doggin’ week one

We’re on a little bit of a musical hiatus these days. Scott is recovering from a fight with the sidewalk he had while jogging. It left one of his fingers a little wonky. Good thoughts for his recovery are welcome. Scott’s fingers are important to this band.

In the meantime, we’re attempting our first stint as dog foster parents. So far it’s been pretty exciting. Our little foster is a lady Australian Shepherd who is cute as a bean. Her previous family couldn’t take care of her any more, and she has to wear a cone because she has an itchy skin problem. Right now most of her back end is bald, which we’re working on fixing with some allergy medication, more activity, babying and good food. (Wow. Lots of commas there. Sorry.) She’s very well behaved and sweet, bobbing around in her cone. She does get reeeeeally excited when it’s time to come out of the crate and play or walk or whatever, and as soon as she gets to go outside, she completely forgets about being itchy.

Other observations for week one:
1. Loves people – not entirely certain what to do with other dogs. Tried to T-off with both Buster and Maggie, and gets nervous when they play with each other.
2. Excellent soccer player, though I’m not sure I agree with her that barking at the ball facilitates her footwork.
3. Smiles all the time. Full on, scary fang style smile. Ridiculous.
4. No food aggression, though she does have to be reminded which treat is hers and which is someone else’s.
5. She loves getting pets, leaning against you and wiggling with so much delight that she topples over. Then she proceeds to wiggle around on the ground on her back for a while, with just as much enthusiasm.

If you think she sounds so cute you want to adopt her, let us know. Because she is waiting for the right people. . .

That’s the Orlean report, Day 3. More to come.

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